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Saving $$$ On Our Four Legged Family


For anyone that has a family pet, you know that the yearly vet visit can get expensive.  The last time I took my two dogs to a typical veterinarian for a wellness visit, I walked out with a $300 bill.  Ouch!  After some research I found a cheaper alternative that does not sacrifice the health of our family pets.  It has really worked for our family and saves us over $200 a year.

Two words… Planned Pethood.  I know, I laughed at the name also.  But after my first visit, I wasn’t laughing anymore; I was smiling.  My bill was $90.  Planned Pethood is a non-profit, low cost spay and neuter clinic.  There goal is to help eliminate the destruction of healthy dogs and cats by reducing the pet overpopulation.  A goal that I can stand by.  They also offer a wellness clinic with no visit fee.  This could run you around $50 at a regular vet.  Planned Pethood charges $15 per vaccination.  That’s it!  I consider the rabies vaccination the most important and it lasts for three years.  Two other vaccinations that are also important for your animals, if they socialize, are DIstemper/Parvo and Bordetella.  That would mean, per pet, you would pay $45 for the first year and $30 for any year that you don’t need the rabies vaccination.  That is a price anyone could live with.

You might not have a Planned Pethood in your town but search for the same kind of organization.  Any animal society that is a non-profit will offer these types of services.  For example Angles of Assisi in Roanoke, Virginia offers the same services for $10 a vaccination, but charges a $15 visit fee.  So, it ends up being comparable in price.  Not only are you saving money, but you are supporting a GREAT cause.  Just to mention these types of organizations main priority is to offer low cost spay and neuter services.  Both of our dogs were already spayed/neutered prior to adoption so this was something that we did not have to worry about.  But something to keep in mind.  It just takes a little investigation to save a lot of money.

I do want to mention that if any of my dogs are sick or something is severely wrong, I never hesitate to take them to a normal veterinarian hospital.  With the money I save with the normal wellness visits, I never get upset spending a little more in case of an emergency.  They are a part of the family after all.


Planned Pethood  http://plannedpethoodrockymount.com/planned_pethood_clinic.html

Angels of Assisi  http://www.angelsofassisi.org/services/well-pet/