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If you were on a deserted island would you complain about drinking water?

Drink more water!  It saves our family hundreds a year.  I challenge you to resist buying any sodas, alcoholic drinks, sugary juices at the grocery store for the entire month of February.  Your grocery bill will not drop dramatically, but you will see a difference.  If you are like me and go to the grocery store once a week and buy one 12 pack of soda you will be spending a average of $2.75 a week.  That might not seem like a lot, but times that by 52 weeks and you are spending $143 a year just on soda.  See how fast it adds up.  Most people say they do not like drinking water.  To them i say, “Try eliminating every beverage in your home and when you get thirsty see how water taste.” After enough time you will train your body to love water.  If you are one of those people that has to ease into an idea try buying a water enhancer, like Aquafina FlavorSplash, and slowly transition.  Some people out there have funny tasting tap water so I would invest in a Brita Filter; it will be well worth the investment.  This blog is about saving money by drinking TAP water and if you went out and spent a lot of money on bottled water it would be counterproductive.

I could list all the benefits of water but I am sure you have already heard how good it is for your body and mind.   I will just skip the nutritional lecture and say water is very cost effective.

That also goes with anything else you buy on a consistent basis, that is not necessary.  Look at your most recent grocery store receipt and add up how much you spent on sugary and unhealthy treats.  I am not saying to never splurge on chips, cookies, and soda.  But making it less accessible is the key.  Skip the splurge at the grocery store and let your hubby take you and the kids out for an ice cream two times a month (we like Mc Donald’s ice cream for $1) .  When you go out to dinner to gorge yourself on chips and salsa at your favorite mexican restaurant, order a soda.  Make sure to get free refills and a cup of soda to go 🙂 If you go to a party at a friends house or a family get together and they offer you a soda, say yes!  The key is understanding what at the grocery store is a necessity and what is a luxury.  When I go to the store I have two separate grocery lists. The first list is all the ingredients I need to make a week of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The second list includes 6 items: two different types on fruit (whatever is in season or on sale), a few “as in two” snacks for the baby, and a few snacks for Mom and Dad.  For example the second list could included: bananas, clementines, graham crackers, avocado, almonds, and trail mix.

I do want to add that I always have milk for my daughter.  Calcium is very important for her growing body.  This is something I do not skimp on.  I buy hormone free local milk from The Homestead Creamery.  She always has two drink options that are milk and water, no juice in this house.  Some parents say that there child doesn’t like water.  To them I would say, “start small and mix half juice with half water”.  Then eventually offer less juice and increase the water until you eventually offer only water. If you have already introduced juice your child can transition to water.  Be strong and only offer as a special treat every once in a while.  Our bodies are made to consume water.  It is very natural and definitely possible.

I can promise you these new habits will not only help your wallet they will help your waist line.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and if this helps at all!